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About Leanne Jordan

I should have been born a tiny lap dog. You know those fluffy little dogs that people carry around in their purse? That was me for most of my life (at least that’s how I felt.)

Growing up as the eldest in a family of 6, my parents kept us as close as possible, never wanting us to stray too far in order to avoid getting hurt. Over time, this manifested itself in fear and unworthiness.

As an adult, I never rode the train or bus for fear I would get lost and not be able to find my way home. I would dress in dark frocks so as not to stand out and hung back in the shadows so no one would notice me at social gatherings. I virtually sat on my sister-in-law’s lap when going into parties or conferences where there were crowds; mustering my own name with a handshake was a big deal. I chose men who were emotionally and morally bankrupt because I never felt that I was worthy of having better.

At age 42, I was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer and given 12 months to live. There, I found my courage.

At age 42, I was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer and given 12 months to live. There, I found my courage. You see, in that moment, I was not fearful of dying or the disease — no, I became defiant. I simply was not going to accept the diagnosis I was given. I turned a blind eye to my doctors prognosis and began living just to show them they were wrong.

I’ve come a long way since then, I laugh (a lot), I travel to conferences and meet new people as often as I can and I LOVE inspiring change in other women like me; young at heart, living out their best years without a map.

There’s nothing holding you back at this stage in your life, but I know It’s hard to go it alone. I’m here to help you write your salacious second chapter with love, gratitude and courage.

Oh. and P.S. — my darling hubby is loving, supportive and a guiding light that inspires me daily.

If you’re ready to write a beautiful happy ending with me and a few other colorful characters,
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