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Need to talk about your swirling ideas with someone who’s been there? I’d love to learn about your life plans and help guide you in a direction that feeds your spirit and your pocketbook. Grab a cup and let’s have virtual coffee together!

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“Its not just about how she motivates…its about how she listens,cares and shares her knowledge so freely with me. She truly makes a difference in the lives around her.”
Kelly Murphy, Entrepreneur & work-form-home mom


Rewrite Your Life 90-Day Reset

So you have a strong idea that you need to be doing more with your life. The kids are gone and now it’s your time! But how do you go about this alone? Hubby thinks you need a hobby, but its so much more than that. You need to leave your mark on this world, you need to be of service and feel fulfilled. Those wings have had the entire roost under them, now they need to fly.

I’ll be by your side for 3-months creating a plan that will move you closer to finding your passion, being of service to the world and making an impact in a way that fills your heartspace and makes you a better mother, lover and friend to those who need you.This won’t hurt a bit, but it will give you the fulfillment you’ve been longing for.

$1,200.00 USD (payment plans available)

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“I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing force for change in my life. I have had so many awesome breakthroughs in the way I think and view the world both professionally and personally. Leanne has become a great friend and confidante in my business.”
Therese White, Business Owner


Beach Blanket Body

I know what you’re thinking; you’ve got the money to do things quickly – just a nip and a tuck and you’re back to your youthful self again. You’re bored, feeling a little lost and perhaps emotional.

Surgery is not the answer, my dear!

It frustrates me that women our age will put ourselves at risk in this way in order to feel beautiful and fulfilled when it really has nothing to do with our waistline. There is so much more that needs addressing in order to regain physical and mental health, and to rebalance our perception of maturing gracefully. You risk ending up sicker and more depressed than when you started (with the scars to boot).

You haven’t tried “everything.” If you are contemplating surgery or something drastic in order to get your body or health back – let’s talk.

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“Leanne starts with the most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. I love how you push me beyond my own comfort zone. I love how you always listen and then give me what I need based on my view of the world. It has improved my self esteem and given me the ability to step out and make a change in other peoples lives.”
Barb Murphy, Wellness Entrepreneur

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